Hori & van der Meijs

about the artist

Hori & van der Meijs have been forming a collaboration in order to create new forms of research and performative sound installation works concerning the relationship between natural phenomena and its reflection to human society.
They recently started to develop research projects which concern 'non-verbal communication' and develop sound performances with installations by amplifying their sounds in order to create a dialogue in a larger scale and zoom in to small details at the same time.

Mariko Hori’s interests have revolved around the concept of ‘atmosphere’ and her works consisting mainly of installations, often study alternative atmospheric experiences and communication through modest yet intentional placement of carefully chosen objects to give texture to the space and time between structures.

Ronald van der Meijs creates location-based installations that show how we relate to nature and our technocratic society. He creates a field of tension where acceptance plays a major role because of a dialogue between nature and technology. Unpredictable and slow natural processes control the work and form a metaphorical and conceptual treatment of sound, space and time.