Hori & van der Meijs

Tones in Between

sound installation & performance /  2019

During their stay in Novi Sad, the artists have visited various abandoned sites in the city in order to research about a certain atmosphere in old / used architecture.

Some see ruins as scars, while others see them as interesting architecture with stories and memories. Their research interest in this issue lies in transforming these buildings into small-scale (sound) performances and installations, documenting the reactions of the people who live there, and seeing what differences arise when considering, for example, the age and background of the audience.

They use sound and architecture to express and question the particular atmosphere in Novi Sad. They are strongly connected to each other, dependent on each other, and determine each other's character and the meaning of the atmosphere of the place.

In addition, the characteristics of sound, specific building materials and their shapes will tell a story that will have different meanings for everyone.

The outcome of this residency research will give new meaning and insight to the development of the 2021 European Capital of Culture in Novi Sad.

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