Mariko HORI

A garden of what was once artificial

installation / golden thread, salt, objects found on the beach / 2022
Commissioned for Salt Museum

The objects arranged on the floor appear to be organic, but after a closer look, one could see that they used to be something artificial which are discarded by humans. It seems that the sea is trying to bring those things back to the natural state.

Like salt, what is born of the sea may return to the sea again. But the unnatural things we create would never find their place there, even if the sea wishes so.

This garden is a place for such things that have no place to return to. As the concept of a garden suggests, it is a place where everything tries to be a part of true nature.

From the Solo Exhibition 'Sweat, Tears, or the Sea'
11. Nov. 2022 - 12. Feb. 2023

at Salt Museum on Jeungdo island, South Korea

Art Like Salt 2022: Taepyung Salt Farm X LAMPLAB 

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