Mariko HORI

about the artist

Mariko Hori is a Japanese-Dutch visual artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and occasionally in Belgrade, Serbia.

She is also a vocalist for a Tokyo-based experimental band 'Information' and an organizer of an international experimental event called ‘Soro-sorO.'

Though initially trained in architecture, Mariko Hori's artistic interests began with a fascination for the aesthetic decay inherent in aging structures. This intrigue led her to explore the deep-seated sense of enduring existence imbued within old buildings and artifacts.

As her career progressed, Hori's interests expanded to encompass broader themes, including the concept of atmosphere and the exploration of intangible elements that defy recreation, such as the sense of existence, a common understanding, something in between, and various ambiguous boundaries.

Her works, consisting mainly of installations and collages, often study alternative atmospheric experiences and communication, or the way things are being, inviting viewers to contemplate the fluidity of existence and the interplay between the tangible and the ephemeral.

Navigating the complexities of her Japanese-Dutch identity, Hori occupies liminal spaces between cultures, infusing her work with a profound sense of in-betweenness. Her art further explores the transformative potential of natural elements, whether symbolically representing water's influence on landscapes or metaphorically exploring particles as vessels of historical memory.

Ultimately, Hori's art acts as a conduit between past and present, self and other, inviting viewers to transcend conventional boundaries and embrace the inherent beauty of ambiguity. Through her works, she seeks to raise awareness of our collective responsibility towards the natural world, while also celebrating its resilience and inherent beauty.

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