Mariko HORI

 _about the artist

Born in Hyogo, Japan. Based in Belgrade, Serbia.
“Information” Vo.

The work of Mariko Hori, consisting mainly of installations, are representations of an
alternative space and the moment when something special happens, uncovering concrete
perceptions through broadening or changing the focus in the details of daily life.

Her interests have been in ‘the extraordinary moment lurking in details of the ordinary’
and ‘the space in-between / void’.
When placing things intentionally, the selection of objects and the space in-between make
the atmosphere different and something unexplainable arises.
She also has a keen interest in the ‘atmospheric feeling ’of archeology museums as well as
the ‘atmospheric synchronicity’ in the ‘atmosphere’ of one’s ‘place of origin’ (e.g. parental
home). It consists of a particular ‘aura’ or ‘atmosphere’ that only things which have existed
for a long time have. In her practice, she is trying to find a space or present opportunities to
think about or experience what this  ‘sense of existence’  (something beyond conceptual
meaning) is made of.