Mariko HORI

 _about the artist

Born in Kobe, Japan. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlanbds.
“Information” Vo.

The works of Mariko Hori,  consisting mainly of installations,  often study alternative atmospheric experiences through modest yet intentional placement of carefully chosen objects to give texture to the space and time between structures.

Her artistic interests revolve around the concept of  ‘atmosphere’  and  ‘Ma’ , a Japanese word which  takes the concept of negative space farther,  to define a continuum which spans both space and time.  ‘A space in between’  or  ‘a pause in time’  might at first appear that there is nothing between the structures, but actually there is everything else that exists.  Especially at this point, it appears to her that the space and time have  avery slight difference  and  in her expression, ‘ the space in between’ often plays a part in the link between the past and the future.

In spite of the fact that she studied architecture, she was more attracted by aesthetic aspects of aged deterioration than contemporary architecture with innovative building techniques. For her, it appears more impossible to recreate the strong sense of enduring existence that old things have.

She has been researching about the way objects are being. Particular attention is paid to the space between them as each object carries with itself many places that each need their space to unfold meaning. A particular ‘aura’ or ‘atmosphere’, that only things - which have existed for a long time - have, is made by time, space in flow. She describes this special atmosphere as ‘ the sense of existence’ ( something beyond conceptual meaning ).

As a lifetime practice, she explores the possibilities to share this certain atmosphere, ‘the sense of existence’ and the feelings that follow, as individual sensations and entire experiences, with varied in-depth research and multiple experiments with various materials such as found objects especially which hold some kind of aura, the air, scents, sounds, lights, dust, natural phenomena as well as individual imagination, in order to find the new potential experience which could be imaginative and real at the same time.


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