Mariko HORI

about the artist

Mariko Hori is a Japanese-Dutch visual artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and occasionally in Belgrade, Serbia.

She is also a vocalist for a Tokyo-based experimental band 'Information' and an organizer of an international experimental event called ‘Soro-sorO.'

Though she initially studied architecture, Mariko Hori found herself more drawn to the aesthetic aspects of building deterioration through aging than contemporary or innovative building techniques. In particular, she became intrigued by the profound sense of enduring existence that is attached to old buildings and artifacts.

In her subsequent career as an artist, her interests have revolved around the concept of ‘atmosphere’ and the exploration of elements that seem impossible to recreate, such as the sense of existence, common sense, something in between, or various ambiguous boundaries in this world.

Her works, consisting mainly of installations and collages, often study alternative atmospheric experiences and communication, or the way things are being, through modest yet intentional placement of carefully chosen objects to give texture to the space and time between structures.

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