Mariko HORI

As salt weeps slowly

installation / mud, salt / 2022
Commissioned for Salt Museum

Over the exhibition period, the mud will gradually dry out while the salt will absorb moisture from the air, if the conditions are right. It may slowly produce droplets of water as if it were shedding tears. The tears of salt will slowly try to moisten the drying mud and then seep into it.

This work suggests the relationship between the various things that exist in this world.
Like the mud and the salt, two very different things may come together over time, such as artificial things and nature, opposing nations and peoples or dreams and realities…..However, as the time of salt shows, processes in nature are very slow, compared to the speed we live in now. It also depends very much on other conditions.

From the Solo Exhibition 'Sweat, Tears, or the Sea'
11. Nov. 2022 - 12. Feb. 2023

at Salt Museum on Jeungdo island, South Korea

Art Like Salt 2022: Taepyung Salt Farm X LAMPLAB

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