Mariko HORI

 _in the end what is left behind is love

    installation / paprika powder, glue / 2015

    The masses of red powder transforming into words which were marriage proposals from real
    stories of elderly couples who has been living in the town.
    There is an old Japanese story called “ Hana Saka Jii-san ”; Long story short, the old man
    took the ashes ( from special tree) and sprinkled them on dead cherry trees. When he did, the
    cherry trees came into bloom. The places abandoned and in ruins are like dead trees and they
    will revive with the paprika, Bulgarian special powder, blown with wish and love from all of
    us. Also, to love the town could be to live in the town and to start marriage life could be the
    one of beginning of it.

    The work was made for Water Tower Art Fest in Bulgaria 2015
    under the theme of ‘‘ TOWNS IN NEED OF LOVE ’’

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