Mariko HORI

in your coat

performance / in collaboration with Bojana S. Knezevic / 2018

My vision of your own vision and your vision of my own vision correlate with each other in an endless loop. We know that our vision could be also an illusion.
Sometimes what we see is what we want to see.
This performance is a study about ‘trust/ expectations’ and portrays our vision of freedom inside and outside of our own countries. It is based on a traditional Japanese act 'Ninin-Baori' (two persons in one coat) which is a type of comedic skit where two people wear one large coat and pretend to be one person, with one person being the ‘face’ while the other acts as the ‘arms’. Humor arises from the arms being out of coordination with the face.

What Bojana tries to read in Japanese is the reason why Japanese 'migrants' cannot live in Japan any longer. While Mariko tries to read about the difficulties to have a certain kind of freedom in Serbia, in her imperfect Serbian.

photo credit : Mina Pavlovic, Golub Goran

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