Mariko HORI

Reflections on the Flow

installation / natural clay mud, wood, fishing net, rope, buoy / 2023

"Reflections on the Flow" is an art installation that takes the form of a small island floating on the reservoir formed by the Ataturk Dam on the Euphrates River in Turkey.
On its surface, a layer of natural clay sourced from the surrounding area is spread, symbolizing the inherent connection between land and water. As the clay dries out on the water's surface during the biennial, it serves as a symbolic reflection of the changing nature of the world influenced by human activities, where these abundant water bodies can be related to scarcity elsewhere.

The installation encapsulates the essence of the Euphrates River and its intricate relationship with humanity and the environment. Situated in the serene waters of the Atatürk reservoir, this floating land embodies the relationship between natural and human-made elements, inviting viewers to reflect on the interplay between human actions and the delicate balance of nature. It also creates a dialogue between the enduring forces of nature and the fleeting effects of human endeavors. As the man-made peak of Mount Nemrut gradually fades and the floating island's clay slowly dries, nature appears to gently resist the artificial aspects brought by human intervention. This portrayal of nature's resilience prompts viewers to consider the importance of water as a finite and precious resource. It serves as an artistic mirror, reflecting the consequences of human decisions on the intricate tapestry of life that flourishes along the Euphrates River and beyond.

"Reflections on the Flow" extends an invitation to envision a future where human actions resonate harmoniously with the natural world, just as the floating island gracefully goes with the flow of the water. By exploring the intricate dynamics of the Euphrates' flow and reflecting on the flow of the global financial system, as suggested by the presence of the world's third-largest dam, the installation becomes a symbol of collective responsibility. It calls upon us to protect and preserve our environment for a sustainable coexistence with nature, where every human decision cherishes the delicate balance that sustains all life.

Commissioned for Commagene Biennial 
Commagene Land and River Art 2023

“The Value of a Metaphor”
23. September - 23. December. 2023
Adiyaman Kahta, Turkey

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