Mariko HORI


    assemblage / stone, driftwood, glass, thread / 2015-2017

    From where to where we can call that it is a river ?
    We can't separate it from the environment. Although we recognize things by giving them a

  For example,  a river consists of not only water but also the things you can find in
    / by the river  such as  stones, driftwood, fishes, garbage and even human beings. It might
    at first  appear that  those are  distinct from each other and not in harmony,   but actually
    everything has decomposed at any moment and combined with a new situation this in turn
    ultimately become a part of the river.

w86 x h71 x d48 (mm)

w86 x h71 x d48 (mm)

w100 x h203 x d65 (mm)

w88 x h80 x d40 (mm)

w60 x h47 x d40 (mm)

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