Mariko HORI

route seventh hill

installation / found objects, acrylic on map, pendulum
performed by snails named after an asteroid and a star cluster / 2018

This alternative route seven is led by agent No.3860 and Pleiades whose slow movementmake the pendulum swing.The slow rhythm of pendulum passing through the time will suggest the audience to the imaginative ancient city of the seven hills.

1. fragments of the streets    : ambience of the Seventh hill which was destroyed and its
                                            stone used to pave many of the city’s streets.

2. objects from the old city  : atmospheric feeling of ancient which consists of strong
                                            sense of enduring existence

3. pinholes on the map         : each stop of the longest bus line in Plovdiv ( route 7)

4. the other side of the map  : ancient light of stars which finally reached us after
                                            thousands of years

5. swinging pendulum          : passage of time

6. snails                              : the spiral or cycle of time, the universe

7. Pleiades                          : the hills of Plovdiv naturally situated in the general layout
                                            of the 7 stars and represent the heaven

* each object may unfold meaning but do not necessarily have to be descriptive only but also imaginative and personal

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