Mariko HORI

 _the airing project

    is an ongoing project in which Mariko Hori install small objects all over the cities.

    The unexpected objects provide the viewer with a sudden and refreshing moment.
    For example,  when birds fly away simultaneously all of a sudden from a place they are
    perched on, it is like your mind becomes empty and thoughts stop for a moment and for
    that instant you become a new person. At that point the world looks completely different
    from the previous second. 

    I also call this moment ‘ the extraordinary moment lurking in details of the ordinary’.  
    I think this experience is similar to when one encounters a profound or amazing work of
    art.  These experiences could be linked to the eureka! moment of experience and they can
    help us to gain insight into the nature of inspiration. And through such experience, you
    begin to think of the world from another perspective, and this in turn may influence and
    ultimately change the world. 
To that end, I have been trying to depict special moments
    in our daily lives.











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