Mariko HORI

the airing project

is an ongoing project since 2012 in which Mariko Hori installs vegetables on street statues.

The unexpected objects provide the viewer with a sudden and refreshing moment.
For example, when one notices that there is a carrot, something out of context, on a statue which he/ she passes by everyday and had ceased to notice about it, one will notice the ‘aesthetics’ the ‘new-ness’ of this vegetable, something she/he wouldn’t usually notice at a green market.
But right after that, one begins to see, to perceive and to notice the statue again, in a new way, not different but without the ‘dust’ of conditioned perception. All of a sudden, the statue shines forth, as if it’s so new and so fresh that you perceive it as if it was for the first time in your life. At that point the world looks completely different from the previous second. And through such experience, you begin to think of the world from another perspective, and this in turn may influence and ultimately change the world.











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