Mariko HORI

the tale of a dream   

installation / particles and found objects / 2019

This work is inspired by Choei Takano, a prominent scholar of western science in the 19th C. who was harbored in this room.

If the main part of an atmospheric feeling is characterized by the particles made from everything which has existed at the place and have now been decomposed of, some parts of Choei Takano can be potentially floating in the air within the room; decomposing into a new condition.

The installation work consists of atmospheres and things related to Choei; water from his familiar hot - spring, the air and dusts from the former house of his teacher Siebold in the Netherlands and one’s feelings towards foreign countries.
Some aspects of him may meet his material things again after more than 150 years. This is like a tale of a dream.


with the cooperation of the curator Renata summo- o'connell, Artegiro Contemporary
Art Residency (under the sponsorship of the Consulate- General of Japan in Milan)

Supported by the municipality of Conzano, Italy as well as the Villa Vidua and
Japan Museum SieboldHuis, Hortus botanicus Leiden in the Netherlands.

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