Mariko HORI

They also want to be stable

installation / copper plate, copper leaves, salt, fabric / 2022
Commissioned for Salt Museum

The salt wrapped in the fabric will absorbs moisture from the air, causing the unstable copper plates to catch the droplets. The copper plates will gradually rust with the help of the salt throughout the exhibition period.

This work questions our own creativity without regard to the natural order of things. Many metals are always trying to rust because they are more stable as substances in their rusted state in nature. However, we humans often try to keep metals from rusting for our own convenience.

From the Solo Exhibition 'Sweat, Tears, or the Sea'
11. Nov. 2022 - 12. Feb. 2023

at Salt Museum on Jeungdo island, South Korea

Art Like Salt 2022: Taepyung Salt Farm X LAMPLAB

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