Mariko HORI

Those who collect the past

installation / bespoke showcases from the underground ramp, dust and particles derived from every element that once existed within Palais Liechtenstein/Sa. and has since decomposed until the present moment / 2023

"Those Who Collect the Past," revives the Schlosspalais' forgotten narratives by using its collected dust. The particles, once remnants of a bygone era, now form a bridge connecting the history of the house. The dust, an emblem of transience, gathers in spaces where movement has ceased—an in-between state of "no longer" and "not yet."

Inspired by the venue's rich history, including roles as a courthouse, widow's palace, war camp, and more, Hori's work harmonizes with the festival's theme. Her installation centers on dust, a repository of history's echoes, carrying the essence of events within its minutiae.

Hori crafts an evocative artwork from the dust, exploring "atmospheric feelings" unique to enduring objects. These particles symbolize fragments of the past, revealing the building's transformation from palace to prison, accommodation to museum. By recontextualizing these particles during the Art Festival Begehungen, she bestows upon them renewed significance.

"Those Who Collect the Past" transcends time, linking history's ephemeral nature to the present. Through the metaphor of dust, Hori prompts contemplation of the delicate yet enduring essence of the past, offering a transformative experience for all who engage with her installation.


“et cetera pp”
17. - 27.08. 2023

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