Mariko HORI

_We just never know where it goes #2

   installation / sand, rope, salt, mud, form, found objects / 2022

   At former beach bar 'White House Horizont Beach'

   This work suggests our own transience and the changeability of this world.

   For example, when plants die, or when an old building is pulled down, or when
   something is burned – it seems the things get smaller or fade out or become invisible.
   But they don’t really get smaller nor do they even transpire into nothingness.
   Rather, the transpired missing parts now exist somewhere else in a new form, a
   new situation..

WTAR #6 at Burgas, Atanasovo Salt Lakes, Bulgaria

Organized by Nia Pushkarova 

In partnership with Symbiotic – Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation

Supported by USA embassy Sofia and French Cultural Institute


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