Mariko HORI

What do birds say ?

video installation / video, soil, found objects / 2022

WHAT DO BIRDS SAY examines how the same thing can be perceived in different ways depending on individual senses.

The sound of roosters crowing in the video, shifts from the voices of real roosters to Google Translate voices, showing how roosters sound in different languages.

Theoretically, it would seem that if each human body had the same system, it would respond to the same things in the same way. However, depending on various matters - including language, upbringing, life experiences, surroundings, and genetics - one may perceive things differently.

Project Art Body Art
The Union of Associations of Fine Artists of Vojvodina

22. Nov - 6. Dec. 2022
Kreativni Distrikt / Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture 2022

Curator, review text about the exhibition: Jelena Guga
Project manager and coordinator: Goran Despotovski
Coordinator: Danica Bićanić

The project was supported by
Novi Sad Foundation – European Capital of Culture
City of Novi Sad, City Administration for Culture
Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Culture and Information
EU Japan Fest

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