Mariko HORI

IF THE WIND BLOWS ( in the nature )

installation / video, soil, incense made from the river Arno / 2021

IF THE WIND BLOWS is an investigation into the relationship between natural phenomena and the current society, departing from the well-known classic Japanese proverb
if the wind blows, the barrel makers will prosper
which means that any event can bring about an effect in an unexpected way.
The proverb describes a sort of chain reaction between events and roles as regarded in old Japanese society, where the cause-and-effect lead to a final utilitarian outcome, the profit gain to the barrel makers’ advantage.

In Hori’s vision however, this proverb is a tool for highlighting the connection between nature’s power and human sociality, as well as the way humanity interprets nature’s influence on humans’ life, shaping its collective life accordingly, or despite of it. The experience of the recent epidemic with its global character and upheaval, suggests that a new openness and respect for nature’s balance are needed, as well as a realization of the profound connection that exists between human beings and all living things.

Despite their romanticised love for the wind, human beings in the wild actually fear the wind, or avoid it. The incense, made with the Arno sand, water and leaves, is an offering to the wind, burning almost to reconcile humans with nature, to help us rethink how to exists with it.

IF THE WIND BLOWS ( honey will be Florence's souvenior )

installation / found objects, sounds, winds / 2021

Small things set in motion an effective transformation process more than large ones.

About sounds, and future, the precious souvenir of Florence is the honey from rare bees: the voice of Nadia, a young Florentine/Yemenite woman, reads the story that Hori has created joining many pieces of different stories she has received from the participants, where if the wind blows, honey will be Florence’s most precious souvenir.

If the wind blows in Florence, honey will be Florence's souvenior

If the wind blows, people stay at home and the streets will be empty. There are no sounds of cars. Animals, who live just outside the Florence hills, feel safer to cross the roads.
A curious duck family visit the city in daylight.
People look at the ducks realize that they, animals, are more free than us.
Then, also people discover that they can be better than they are now by following the nature.
So people change their minds about "industrialization", leaving more green areas for animals in the city.

The city of Florence has done a project called "Bee the Change" at Piazzale Michelangelo to protect biodiversity and the bees essential for the environment.
After the start of the "Bee the Change" project, the streets of the city turned purple. All the terraces and flowerbeds were filled with the flowers of the phacelia, a plant that produces pollen and nectar of the highest quality and attracts bees. In fact, these clever ones invaded the city starting to produce a very good honey, which has become part of the typical Florentine products.

( what is your story ) IF THE WIND BLOWS

installation / found objects, paper, winds / 2021

The stories contributed by the participants are part of this installation, which is open also to all visitors, for them to complete it.

Some stones are left for the new stories to be placed under, visitors can write their story on the paper sheets left there, available to all.

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From the Solo Exhibition 'IF THE WIND BLOWS...'
30. June - 4. Sep. 2021


The work was developed during the artist residency period at MAD - MURATE ART DISTRICT
inspired by present lives, culture and living language of Florence in what is undoubtedly a new era.

Curated and texts by Renata Summo - O'connell 
The exhibition is promoted by Comune di Firenze
Organization and Coordination : Associazione Mus.e
Artistic Director : Valentina Gensini

In collaboration with Artegiro Contemporary Art, AILAE Associazione Culturale
With the grant of Fondazione CRF, Progetto Citizens
With the support of Villa Romana, Numeroventi Design Residency
Education project in collaboration with Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze

All content © Mariko Hori 2021